The Company

IoTAL - Your IoT Access Layer

IoTAL GmbH was founded in 2020, as a spin-off from the German IoT SaaS provider Open Devices GmbH. There, the core team met in 2017 and has since been dedicated to develop simple, flexible and powerful solutions to overcome the challenges of the machine economy and Industry 4.0. IoTAL GmbH was born from our clients’ need to make sense of IoT in order to accelerate business digitalisation. Our mission is to make Edge Computing techonolgy, accessible, easy to use, and help build a better, more secure Internet of Things.

IoT and Edge Computing can be complicated and confusing. Whilst the premise of IoT is simple enough to for most to grasp, developing and subsequently implementing IoT strategies that make business sense, is not straight forward. This is where we come in to help:

We bring a breath of fresh air to Project Management and Engineering Departments alike, with our bottom-up understanding of edge computing. In conjuction with our clients, we adapt or completly re-design IT Infrastructures to make them IoT Ready and Secure. We pride ourselves in our abilitiy to distill the opportunities offered by endless adaptive use-cases into manageable IoT architectures that will stand the test of time.

Our Team of Embedded System Engineers and business focussed Project Managers bring the best of both worlds: State-Of-The-Art expertise in IoT, Linux Embedded Systems and Edge Computing mixed with commercial acumen and a focus on clients’ revenue growth and bottom line.

The company’s headquarters are located in the heart of the European Tech Hub Berlin. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help you join the IoT revolution.