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IoTAL develops software that builds IT systems automatically. This “infrastructure-as-code” gives our clients full flexibility, control and fast time-to-market when building new digital products.

We provide the Middleware Link in the Data Value Chain. Our products range from Deep Tech Solutions & Services, to Software/Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Digital Twin Solutions.

Our innovations solve the systematic issues around big data connectivity, including:

– Machine-to-Machine Communication

– Container & Micro-service orchestration

– API management

– Cybersecurity & Data Governance


Digitalisation is about people. Therefore identifying needs, building requirements and testing solutions is essential. Our team of expert engineers, scientists and consultants are ideally placed to accompany digital transformation strategies.

Beyond the traditional tools of a management consultancy, we bring:

  • Hands-on expertise from our deep tech engineering department
  • Expertise in disruptive & bleeding-edge technologies
  • Extensive R&D Experience

We provide a stringent framework for:

  • Root causes identification & analysis
  • In-house development of innovative and resilient solutions

Our thematic expertise covers the following verticals: 

  • Web 3.0
  • Internet of Behaviors
  • Total Experience Strategy
  • Privacy-Enhancing Computing
  • Gamification & Metavarse

  • Distributed Cloud
  • Edge Computing & Integration
  • Anywhere Operations
  • Smart Re-Deployment Management

  • Intelligent Composable Business
  • AI Engineering
  • Hyperautomation
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

  • Innovative Hardening Systems
  • Public Key Infrastructures
  • Encryption Mechanisms
  • Blockchain & Hyperledger
  • Quantum Computing & Security

  • Mobility Data Engineering Support
  • Train-to-Wayside Systems
  • Full Operator System Integration
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Architecture Modernisation


Businesses are moving away from fully integrated single use case IT architectures to horizontally integrated multi use case ecosystems.

IoTAL accelerates this transformation and provides future-proof IT architectures, with the full benefits of continuous development and integration.

Break away from monolithic architectures with large dependencies to open infrastructures powered by modules and microservices. 

Our tools follow a low-code approach, enabling our clients to execute specialist & technical tasks with ease.

  • Automatic deployment of data engineering architecture
  • Continuous development and integration of the architecture
  • Innovative modular Infrastructure based on Microservices

  • Flexible deployment of data pipeline tailored to the project specifications
  • Cloud agnostic nature of the infrastructure ensures seamless roll out either on-premise or on the edge
  • Lightweight nature of the architecture allows the end product to run on any device (laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet,etc.)

  • Dataless deployment of the architecture within your environment
  • Complete sovereignty over the data access and usage

  • Various cybersecurity hardening systems as standard
  •  TLS/AES and Public Key Infrastructure data & device ecosystems
  • Encryption of docker containers as standard
  • Additional features such as IDS/IPS


IoTAL MAPS is to date the most comprehensive digital twin of the world. Released in October 2021, this #beta version is a testing ground for the continuous releases of our back-end tools. To date it incorporates over 50 individual data sources including:

Trains & Public Transport

Mobility & Urban Infrastructure

Satellite & Aeroplane Positioning

Audio & Video Streams

Visit our Digital Twin & Be Part of The Connected Revolution:


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