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“Just Because Someone Stumbles And Loses Their Way Doesn’t Mean They Are Lost Forever”… Such are the words of Professor X played by ever loyal Sir Patrick Hewes Stewart in the newest Disney Blockbuster ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. Words that are incredibly well-suited to recap the current state of markets.
Over the last days wider markets have stabilized as the market settles on its macro-assessment. With tensions at continuous heights, the attention on Black Swan Events is ever present.
With the current cost-push inflation environment, strain on disposable income is casting their darkest shadows on mortgage and consumer products.
Similar focus is shaping in a similar way for the wider capital markets, including crypto assets.
The massive price volatility has led to an unprecedented loss of equity in crypto assets. With around USD 20bn of defaulted collateral on algorithmic stablecoins alone, the wider loss will be numbered as an exponential. Much like in the latest Marvel movies, the vanishing of one ‘eco’system does not raise questions as regard the existence of the Multiverse, as we see increased commitment to blockchain technology as a business and asset model. Atow we are specifically looking at USDN (aka Neutrino) with increased pressure on the peg, a demise which we see as only a question of time.
Looking ahead, we can be reminded that wise decision always carry heroism. As the newest addition to the Marvel cinematic universe America Chavez puts it: “I can’t beat you, so I’ll give you what you want.”

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