Web3 for business

We offers companies access to Web3 and Metaverse technology today. Web3 creates virtual identities for products and places, with direct utility features and novel community engagement. 

Starbucks, Gucci, Kering, Balenciaga, Nike, Adidas, airBaltic, Etihad, and many others are actively deploying Web3 Tech today.

Find out how connecting products and places can augment reality today. 

Web3 Solutions

Through the IoTAL No-Code tools, customers can create virtual identities for their physical products in the form of NFTs in realtime.

This makes customer journeys and engagement more interactive and functional.

We currently offer partners the following tools:

Bespoke Smart Contracts are the entry point for all customers who want to manufacture customized Web3 products.

Whitelabel Web3 Marketplaces where digital or phygital (Physical-Digital) products can be sold with both FIAT and crypto payments. 

Real-Time NFT Maker, is a parallel Web3 POS system that generates receipts in real time as NFT, with deep utility for high-value purchases. 

Digital Twin & Metaverse

In a post-Covid world, it is clearer than ever that the digital and physical dimensions of this world are merging.

We offer no-code solutions to bring places to Web3 enable immersive hybrid shopping & experiences.

From live-stream shopping, which also enables live advice, to the integration of mobility, smart city data and a wide range of over 400 real-time APIs

Our digital twin is highly relevant to consumers and can be flexibly delivered into custom solutions. We offer the  first augmented reality layer for Web3 that can be consumed flexibly by augmented reality and bionic devices.