GeoBlocks: Road to the Multiverse

This is part of a regular series of thoughts writen by Citizen1@GeoBlocks.

Confused by the noise of pandemics, wars and financial crises, we have failed to notice the silent revolution that has been driving technology forward faster than ever. Whilst the pandemic has done a lot for the mass adoption of virtual reality 1.0 we are only scratching the surface of the current possibilities.

We are at a crucial point for the expansion of the Web. Similarly to the mobile phone industry, when the iPhone brought the camera, phone, music, video, and apps/web interface together. Today it is individual systems and devices, streaming data from anywhere in any format and any size. As a part of a wider ecosystem that can provide content, information, goods & services.

This requires a much broader thinking than vertically integrated end-to-end use cases. It requires an extremely flexible architecture design that evolves organically from the bottom up. Just like nature. 

Using the expansion of network technologies, used by Twitter or Netflix, we decided to build an abstraction layer for all types of real-time data. This data can be generated by any type of devices, software, or human in a constant stream or driven by events on the edge of the network. Brought together in the abstraction layer, each point can interact with the network or other systems of the network. 

To visualize this infrastructure, internally called IoTAL Connect, we choose the medium of the map. Since the release of this map we toured Europe and visited various trade fairs, where reception was exceptional. Most people did not believe that the map product they consume daily, on Google Maps, Bing Maps, could be so interactive and enriched with valuable information.

After months of gathering  feedback and development, we are releasing a major update of our concepts. GeoBlocks.Earth will be the primary portal to the multiverse. It will create immersive dimensions in which visitors can explore the world. Empowered by edge technology, device & content integration, we deliver the most interactive map experience of Web2 and Web3.  

In the next edition of Road to the Multiverse, I will highlight what the multiverse is, and why it is going to shape our future in a meaningful way. 

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